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Are you really communicating, or showing others how much you really don't care?

An increasingly amount of one-on-one communication is no longer face to face, but rather via email or its special-needs cousin, texting.  The proliferation of smart phones and pads have made it very easy for most of us to depersonalize one-on-one communication by using pure text.  Back in the day, before phones were everywhere, professionals needed to find each other physically to discuss plans, conflicts, and solutions.  With the widespread use of telephones in the 1940's and 50's face-to-face was replaced with picking up the phone and letting your fingers do the walking.  Our body language is hidden on a telephone conversation, but our subtle verbal cues and sighs at least convey or betray our true feelings. The age of text communication not only takes on more degree apart from one another by filtering out the verbal and non-verbal, but it allows for us to take that much less responsibility for what we communicate. This high-tech / low brains approach to communication has d