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It's the End of the World as we Know it, and I Feel Fine. . . . . . .Moving Forward

This article title comes from the eponymous song by R.E.M off of the Document album back in 1987.  I remember this distinctly because I listened to it often on my Walkman while in between classes while in college.  The song wasn't about the end of the world, but on how people overreact to events, change, death, etc. and simply think the worst is going to happen.  In the end however, life goes on, and gets better, and worse, and better again and again.  November 9th 2016 is nothing like September 12th 2001, or December 8th 1941.  On these other days, and many like them, Americans of all ages reflected on dire tragedy these days and with steel resolve vowed to overcome the day after wards. While I was in elementary school, one of our projects was to interview our grandparents about their reactions to the attack on Pearl Harbor.  My parents  were too young to truly understand the details in the moment, but my grandparents on both sides shared unique perspectives abou