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Bussellisms - A collection of stupid things I say everyday.

Bussellisms - Annoying things I say to my coworkers when they gripe at work.  You may be hearing these for the first time, so you may enjoy some of them, unless of course, you have to live or work with me . . . . 1)  If it was easy, we could hire chimpanzees to do it and pay them in banannas. 2)  If "Ifs" and "Buts", were candies and nuts, oh what a Purim it would be . . . . 3)  There is an a**hole in every group, you are lucky if there is only one.  If they leave, quit, die, or leave, there are many just waiting to take their place . . . .like dandelions. 4)  When asked how things are going on a bad day .  . . "If it was going any better, I would have to pay to be here." 5)  When asked how things are going on a really bad day . . . " Just Peachy!" 6)  Work isn't supposed to be fun, and it isn't suppose to be easy.  If it was fun and easy, it would be called "Play" and you would have to pay money to do it.  Be