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The Midge Maisel Journey of Transformation

I just finished watching the first two seasons of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”.   This is a dynamically written show, with impressive acting, and a killer soundtrack.   In previous posts, I have been highly critical of poorly written television series, but I can’t stop thinking about the complex undertones present in this exclusive show (Amazon Prime).   Spoiler Alert!! I don’t plan on going through a synopsis of the show, but there are certain nuances embedded in both the minor and major story arcs that can spoil certain details for those who haven’t seen it.   So if you are still interested, follow me down my obscure middle management rabbit hole. How does this show tie-in with middle management?   Throughout the series, the main character travels a whimsical journey through her own creativity; both physically and emotionally.   She finds herself one night drunk, heartbroken, and on the same stage that she watched her husband perform open-mic stand-up comedy just a few days