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Knowing When To Make A Stand - Thanks For Nothing, Max Weber

     I remember how powerless I felt as an undergraduate college student while studying engineering. My future, my independence, my life, was balancing on a single event, graduation. Completing my studies had always seemed like a moving target. See my earlier post ( Three Men and a Truck - My 30 year journey ) about my trials and tribulations involved with transferring from U of M - Ann Arbor to U of M - Dearborn .       In that sordid process, there were several courses that didn't transfer towards my engineering requirements. I ended up taking an additional semester of coursework to finish my degree. During my senior audit, I was told that I was three credits short on my humanities requirement. I just couldn't believe it. During the prior semester, I had taken debate which was categorized as humanities, or so I thought. The department had recently reclassified the course.  I had used an older bulletin when originally choosing the class. After my final semester, I