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The Love From a Daughter

I have been a father for nineteen years.  I have three sons (19, 16, and 14), a step-son (13) and step-daughter (12).  It makes for some very memorable family vacations and events.  When my three older sons were young, I was often asked whether or not I missed not having a daughter.  I always felt fortunate that all three of the boys were healthy, so I didn't really give it a second thought at the time. My older sister has a daughter who is just two months older than my 16 year old son.  My older brother has a daughter that is about six months older than my stepdaughter, a son my oldest boy's age, and a stepdaughter two years older.  It is a real pleasure when all of the cousins are together since they are in a comfortably tight age range.  They can talk about high school, middle school, college, jobs, you name it. Mean and Scary Uncle David When my nieces were young, I used to scare them by chasing them and growling at them with my bearded face.  Even though I was ju